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  • Love it
    I have been using the babassu oil from Soapers Choice since 2019 and I absolutely love it! I started out putting it in the massage butter I make using shea, mango, babassu and sunflower oil. But for massage purposes, replacing then babassu with coconut oil works better. The babassu absorbs so well into the skin, that I found I'd have to continually reapply unless I kept the coconut oil in the formula. But when I started making emulsified body butters for lotion purposes, babassu for the win! It add such a silky texture to the skin.
  • Awesome
    This oil is very lightweight. Just like coconut oil, it may solidify at a certain temperature. But it definitely works for my purposes! This smell is almost like coconut water to me.
  • Great Quality
    I have changed over to Babassu oil from Coconut oil in my CP soap making. It's awesome!