Product Frequently Asked Questions

Each item's SAP value for both KOH and NaOH can be found on our Reference Information page.
Yes!  We have always strived to be intentional in our sourcing of palm oil and its impact on our environment.
Both our conventional and organic palm oils are certified mass balance sustainable by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm (RSPO).  Our Conventional Palm is item #710 and our Organic Palm is item #743.
The "No Stir" Palm item numbers are 71030SCMB (conventional) and 74333SPO (organic)
We discontinued shipping wide-mouth containers due to an unacceptable number of packages damaged in transit.  Any weight on the neck of the wide-mouth container will pop the lid off, compromise the seal, and create an oily mess.  The tight head of the 7-pound jug prevents most damage.  To remove solid oil from the jug, simply place it in a hot water bath, pour into the container of your choice, and repeat as necessary.
The term "cosmetic grade" in an item's description in our web store means that the item is a blend.  These blends are carefully formulated to produce the same fatty acid profile, INS, HLB, and SAP values.  The cosmetic blends perform identically to the food grade versions of the oil in any cosmetic application.  These blends are made from high quality, expeller-pressed refined oils.  They are considered non-allergenic since refined oils contain no protein.  Soaper's Choice has offered these cosmetic blends for many years with positive results for our customers.
The FDA has banned partially hydrogenated oils in food, where the majority of it was used.  All manufacturers have discontinued making the item.  Our item 18250SC has been permanently removed from our product list.  We have done some testing on a new soy shortening product - item 76830SC .  It is an intersterified, fully hydrogenated soy shortening that has the same SAP value, a slightly higher melt point, and seems to work well as a direct replacement in cold process soap applications.  It is sold as a 30-pound cube.
NCI Name: Emulsifying Wax NF or Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Polysorbate 60.  Either can be used for labeling purposes.